Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ubuntu Club for Young Adults

Click here to join the Facebook group for our new parish young adult group for all those ages 18-30! 

The next gathering is 7:30 PM Thurs Aug 6th at Amherst Ale House.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Register NOW for 2015-16 Gr. K-10 Faith Formation!

Registration letters for 2015-16 Gr. K-10 Faith Formation classes are in the mail now and should be delivered within a few days. You can also download all the needed info and forms NOW: click here.


  • 11 AM Sundays: Gr. 9-10
  • 7 PM Tuesdays: Gr. 9-10
  • 5:45 PM* Wednesdays: Gr. K-4 (Gr. K at this time is tentative)
  • 7:15 PM Wednesdays: Gr. 5-8
  • 8:30 AM Saturdays: Gr. K-8
  • 10 AM Saturdays: Gr. K-8 (Gr. 7-8 at this time are tentative)
Please return the registration forms and tuition by Sunday, June 28th for a $5 total discount.
* The correct time is 5:45 PM Wednesdays - please disregard the typo initially posted here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

St. Paul Evangelization Training

40 participants from around the region, including 17 parishioners, attended an 8-hour evangelization training over the course of two evenings with Adam Janke, national program director of St. Paul Street Evangelization. Check of the website of the local chapter at . Participants also learned that evangelization is a normal everyday Catholic activity - not just for those who go out in extraordinary ways. Some parishioners plan to evangelize within the parish by reaching out to other parishioners by phone and inviting them to parish events, such as the upcoming ChristLife evenings.

Go Mark!

The CYO travelled to Rochester to support Mark in bowling.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ChristLife is Coming to St. Pius X

Check out more at

Parish Youth to Serve on Diocesan Board

Congratulations to our parish teens serving on the Diocesan Youth Board! Heather Pfalzer, Gr. 11, has been selected for the  Board, representing our parish this upcoming year. We would like to thank Melanie Izard, Gr. 12, who represented our parish this past year on the board. Congratulations also to Joey Fildes, Gr. 11, St. Pius X parishioner who was selected to represent St. Maxailian Kolbe parish in Corfu, NY, on the youth board. Youth Board members assist the diocesan youth department in planning youth ministry activities for the diocese. Each parish may nominate one young person for the board each year.